Cell Phone Signal Jammers Affect Electronic Devices’ Frequency

In this case, cell phone jammer are especially important. How does signal shielding work? To put it simply, take a mobile phone as an example. Mobile phones need to communicate with other devices outside the test room through signal towers, while wireless communication requires electromagnetic waves to carry. According to the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, the devices on both sides need to be within a certain frequency range to transmit and receive, so the mobile phone signal jammer is to affect the frequency of your electronic device, so that the two frequencies are different, so as to achieve the shielding effect. The principle is very simple, and it is very convenient to operate. So why do candidates upload test questions to search for answers?

Is it 5G? I think the problem lies with the staff in the examination room, especially the staff in charge of signal shielding being too conservative! Generally speaking, the mobile phone jammer in the examination room shields the mobile phone by interfering with the mobile phone jammer in the designated frequency band. The spectrum of the previous mainstream network 4G is generally between 1700MHz and 2600MHz. For example, China Mobile’s 4G is mainly in the two frequency bands of 2320-2370MHz and 2575-2635MHz, while China Telecom is in the two frequency bands of 1755-1785MHz and 1850-1880MHz, and China Unicom is in 1955-1980MHz and 2145-2170MHz. The examination room only needs to perform electronic interference on the above frequency bands, and the mobile phone 4G network cannot be connected, so as to achieve the function of shielding the signal.

The cell phone signal jamming system is a relatively professional modern communication cell phone signal jammer technology, especially in the special environment of prison, which puts forward higher requirements for cell phone signal jamming technology. For example, in the application environment of the communication mobile phone interference system of a conference, the participants came and went in a hurry, and there was almost no time to “find” the blind spot of the communication signal shielding.

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