Cell phone jammers prevent information from being leaked

Each cell phone jammer functions differently, and smartphone jammers certainly have their own unique features. Below, Dazhan Electronics will unveil its mystery for everyone. The reason why this mobile phone jammer is recognized by everyone is that its skills are very powerful: we learned that it uses a unique 5G algorithm for jamming, which greatly improves the jamming efficiency and blocks any possibility of the mobile phone transmitting signals. At the same time, it supports adapting DC12V power supply through AC220V. So many big places can use our cell phone jammer. It also has skills unmatched by other products, with green energy-saving features, using power of 2W, low radiation, and low power consumption. Its appearance design is also very reasonable, each button has a corresponding function, you can adjust it at any time according to your own needs, the operation is simple and very practical. The uniqueness of this shield is that it has excellent performance, it is very small and does not take up a lot of space. It’s also lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to install. These are the unique skills of our products, have you mastered them?

GSM is the most widely used frequency range in cellular telephone networks and mobile communications. It includes four main frequency bands (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz) and many smaller standards (UMTS, CDMA2000, Nextel, TDMA, AMPS, W-CDMA PCS, etc.) used in different countries around the world. . In communication standards, 3G should be mentioned separately because it is not only a modern communication frequency, but can also be used for other purposes. Unfortunately, using the GSM and 3G bands is not just to make your life easier and more fun, it’s out of ill will. To jam GSM or 3G frequencies, you can choose between portable or desktop GSM jammers. The difference between these two GSM jammers is that portable 3G cell phone jammers have a working radius of up to 15 meters, and many people may not know that our phones may be tapped by government agencies or others. So how to protect their privacy and security? Solutions certainly exist. You can choose to use 3G mobile phone jammers and 2G/3G mobile phones to block signals. It can effectively prevent your mobile phone from being used and ensure that your information is not leaked.

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