WiFi signal jammer to protect privacy at home

Generally, the anti-static shielding bag adopts a two-layer composite type or a higher four-layer structure. The Faraday cage magnetic induction cover function is generated in the bag, which can protect the items and the electric field in the bag to a large extent, avoid the accumulation of static electricity, and avoid electrostatic induction damage. The anti-static shielding bag adopts two-layer or four-layer composite type: (vmpet/cpe or pet/al/ny/cpe), with high-quality anti-static, anti-frequency radiation and other functions, moisture permeability, corrosion resistance, etc., and also It has the characteristics of shielding and removing esd electrostatic induction charge and discharge of external personnel and mechanical equipment and external electromagnetic wave radiation. Combined with pcb, ic and other electrostatic induction sensitive electronic equipment transportation packaging. The shielding bag has high-quality anti-static, anti-frequency radiation, moisture-proof and vapor-permeable, corrosion-resistant and other functions. Their extraordinary four-layer construction creates a “magnetic induction cover” to protect bag contents and electric field protection. In addition, the inner layer is composed of butadiene, which can eliminate static electricity and has excellent anti-static effect. {Anti-static shielding bag} The inner surface of the raw material is composed of fully transparent anti-static raw materials, and the middle is a transparent conductive metal material layer, which has excellent anti-static and electrostatic shielding properties.

Nowadays, WiFi and Bluetooth are often used in daily life, including wireless networks and the Internet. As useful as they are, government agencies and others can use them to steal your privacy. For example, track your location and steal your privacy through your phone’s camera. Of course, WiFi could be a more serious threat than that. According to research, prolonged exposure to WiFi radiation can cause damage to the human brain. With the ever-increasing use of smart and digital devices, your webcam and smart home devices are likely to be tools for government agencies and others to eavesdrop on or steal your information. Currently, you need a wireless internet blocker to protect your privacy. To solve these problems, wifi jammer came into being. With a WiFi blocker, you can keep your data safe and no one will use it for personal gain. So this blocker solves the problem of information stealing, but that’s not the whole good thing about WiFi signal jammers. It also helps keep your location private by blocking WiFi signals. Law enforcement agencies, spies, and even ordinary people can set up a microphone or hidden camera in your office or home and use a WiFi connection to watch and listen to anything you do or say. Not only WiFi and Bluetooth work at 2.4 GHz, but also drones and some drones.

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