Circumstances limit shielding effectiveness of police cell phone jammers

With the continuous development of science and technology, the mobile network has also undergone several upgrades from the initial 2G mobile phone network to the current 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile phone signal networks. At the same time, wireless cell phone signal jammers are constantly being updated. Mobile cell phone jammer are mainly used in school examinations, college entrance examinations and some places where the use of communication equipment such as mobile phones is prohibited. With the increase of the frequency band of the communication network, the mobile phone signal jammer has changed from the original 3-way antenna shield to the 8-way antenna, and even more than 10-way antenna jammer. Now it is a mobile phone signal jammer with built-in antenna.

The police usually use some police mobile phone jammers to deal with tasks such as illegal assemblies, mass gatherings, temporary communication control, and arrest of criminal suspects. Due to different use places and different wireless signal strengths at the mission site, the shielding range of the police signal jammer will also be different. By setting the police mobile phone signal jammer and setting the parameters of the police jammer, the wireless signal shielding range of the police jammer can be further effectively improved. Here are a few ways to police shielding devices to maximize shielding in different places.

In order to allow the police cell phone jammer to block a larger range, the police cell phone signal jammer can be placed as close as possible to the key areas of the mission site after arriving at the mission site, such as when dismantling remote control bombs, or when arresting criminal suspects aspect. In the middle, you can try to place the police mobile phone jammer as close as possible to the location of the remote control bomb, or as close as possible to the location of the suspect without alerting the suspect, which can shield the target area or people more effectively.

Secondly, due to the limitations of the on-site environment, the police cell phone jammer cannot be placed near the mission site, so the police cell phone jammer can be placed as high as possible. The benefit of placing it high is the reduction of unnecessary obstructions. If the jamming signal sent by the police cell phone jammer can reach the mission site directly and unimpeded, it will help to improve the shielding range of the police cell phone jammer.

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