Washington-BAE Systems has received R&D funding from the US Army for the development of advanced radar jammer technology. This technology aims to improve the air survivability and mission efficiency of the US Army rotorcraft and UAV systems by detecting and overcoming complex and unknown threats in electronic warfare. According to… Continue Reading Most electronic jammers integrate multiple systems

The Bathinda police proposed to equip their traffic police with car cameras that support WiFi. The police have even begun to build a control room and soon issued an order for 100 such cameras, which would cost them 3.2 million rupees. Since the device supports WiFi, the recorded clips will… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers prevent traffic offenders from making calls

Dr. Bathinda SSP’s Nanak Singh said: “We are studying a proposal to provide the city’s traffic police with built-in cameras that can install WiFi.” SSP added that 100 cameras will be purchased initially at a price of approximately Rs 32 in the city. It takes about three to four months… Continue Reading Mobile jammer can control the duration of the call

The news website Military.com pointed out that the new Marine Corps anti-UAV system was the cause of the Iranian drone crash, although the military has not confirmed this report. USNI News pointed out that the Navy had previously announced that the Marine Corps was using jamming systems on the deck… Continue Reading Officials use cell phone jammers to block reports

According to sources familiar with the Pentagon, American boxers deployed electronic measures to dismantle drones that the United States claims are operated by the Iranian military. The Navy stated that the drone was destroyed in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday after approaching the ship and ignoring repeated warnings. Iran… Continue Reading Radio frequency jammer and detection function are integrated into one system

The police said the suspect went to shopping centers, parking lots, leisure centers and other public places, where they wandered in the parking lot and remotely intercepted the victim’s car lock with a GPS jammer. In this way, they can use the vehicle to steal valuables and money and lock… Continue Reading GPS jammer intercepted the victim’s car lock remotely

The biggest advantage of taking countermeasures instead of trying to send fighters on the ground is that the power of jammers near the drone can be reduced, which means less interference with other RF equipment in the area. Rogue drones are specially designed for them. In one of LimeSDR, a… Continue Reading Mobile jammer devices prevent modern thieves

After the alleged drone attack on London Gatwick Airport in 2018, we are looking for effective countermeasures against these fraudulent drone operators. [OgünLevent] developed an interesting solution in Turkey and briefly recorded it on his Drone sensory page through Crowdsupply. Since the agreement was not disclosed, there are some gaps… Continue Reading Large 4 W jammer can be used in a wide range

All parents want to keep in touch with their children. So, why do so many students own mobile phones now? However, the school claimed that mobile phones had a negative impact on the learning process of students. According to a recent study, schools banned the use of mobile phones in… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer creates a quiet environment

What is a jammer? These days, due to the turbulence of media manufacturing, reporting and reporting, this is a question many people ask. In short, a “signal jammer” is basically a signal blocking device that can transmit synchronized radio waves in the same frequency range as the device to be… Continue Reading What is a jammer?