In some places, when buying jammer equipment, I don’t know what the equipment does. Can I block the 4G network? I do not understand this understanding. It will affect your choice. In this process, we need to actively understand these actual content. Different suppressors do not have the same specific… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers are used in high security places in prisons and military

The Android 4.4 operating system is always on, with immersive mode, updated screen lock design, NFC function update and other improved features, allowing you to experience hands-free navigation on your phone and/or tablet, updated dialer, use Project Svelte reduced fragmentation, SMS integration, caller ID and Hangouts, full emoji keyboard, TV… Continue Reading Jammer protects data and system resources

We all know that the Android operating system provides support for more than 1 billion smartphones and tablets, and technological advancement has led to the production and release of updates, seemingly better versions of phones, tablets and operating systems, and each version is for you Provides new possibilities. We wrote… Continue Reading Signal jammers will make any cell phone safer

What are the disadvantages of using cell phone jammer in cars? First, it is important to know that sometimes you may have to make an emergency call. If this happens, and the signal in the car is stuck, it means you must stop and make a call. This is very uncomfortable, especially… Continue Reading What are the disadvantages of using cell phone jammers in cars?

If you give this idea a serious idea, you will find that it is actually great, but only to a certain extent. Of course, there are many negative effects on this, but before we do this, let us pay special attention to the advantages. The first thing we need to… Continue Reading Jammers to prevent privacy breaches

Some experts believe that the new mobile phone jammer will reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. If you are one of the many people who still want to know how to do this, let us briefly introduce you to this topic, saying that many of us take a lot of… Continue Reading New mobile phone jammers will reduce traffic accidents

The benefits of using a new phone are hard to overestimate. These gadgets allow us to provide communications to almost every part of the world. You know that you can’t keep close relationships with your family or friends forever, but through mobile communication, you will be close to them no… Continue Reading Smartphones are the biggest killer in modern society

In any case, our suggestion is that if you do not have the knowledge and skills to obtain a high-quality 4G signal blocker, do not buy it. It can even be considered dangerous just because you need to know that most countries have restricted the use of any type of… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers are used more in schools

In a recent article, we discussed many important issues in the field of 3G and mobile phone interference. However, in this case, we will have to pay special attention to 4G connections. Although this is fairly new, some major manufacturers believe that it is best to start manufacturing this jammer… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer can easily eliminate cell phone noise

We live in a modern world and it is very important for each of us to be familiar with existing technologies. This means that you will have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer because you have to keep up with the latest fashion trends there.… Continue Reading Interrupting the web surfing jammer is the best option