If you give this idea a serious idea, you will find that it is actually great, but only to a certain extent. Of course, there are many negative effects on this, but before we do this, let us pay special attention to the advantages. The first thing we need to… Continue Reading Jammers to prevent privacy breaches

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As aircraft systems increasingly rely on GPS for a navigation, GPS interference and interference are increasing exponentially. In the past three years, Spirent Communications, a company that tests navigation equipment, has recorded 150,000 different interference and interference events. Recently, mobile phone jammers are mainly concentrated on GSM, GPRS, 2G, DCS,… Continue Reading Frequency jammers can prevent and eliminate intrusions

It’s even more disturbing if you hear the word mobile. I think you know them because they are very common. When there are comments or important meetings. The product is turned on. This cell phone jammer can block cell phone signals. After installation, there is no signal in the phone.… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers can block cell phone signals