Wireless LAN standards have become popular at a high speed and are unlikely to be interfered, but there are still many people using wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) with 802.11g standards in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. It is less likely that radio waves will not be received not only at home… Continue Reading The jammer can reliably inhibit the communication function of the mobile phone

In order to purchase a Gsm scrambler, in addition to the gsm network, you also need to shield the signal type, such as whether you need to shield the 3G and 4G network frequency bands. In this way, you can buy a cell phone blocker that can block all cell… Continue Reading Desktop jammers are widely used in many large places

Why do I need a jammer? GSM is the basic network frequency band used for mobile phone voice communications and SMS services. As we all know, improper use of mobile phones is very serious, and the use of mobile phones in public places will have a great noise impact on… Continue Reading GPS jammers can interfere with others’ surveillance of you

Today, the widely used mobile phone standard is our gsm global mobile communication system. GSM standard equipment occupies more than 80% of the current global mobile communication equipment market. It works well, but it may be the most familiar way of using mobile phones. Yes, calls and text messages rely… Continue Reading Portable jammer can be carried and used at will

In today’s highly developed communication technology, people can see electronic devices everywhere when they go out. These intelligent humanized products make our life, study and work more convenient. However, where you do not need or reject electronic products, you may encounter trouble because the electronic products are not in time.… Continue Reading Jammer prevents illegal tracking

The development of smart phone wireless networks is a big step in accelerating the speed of development, because mobile phones can solve network problems and therefore play a more important role in people’s lives. It has a role in mobile communications and mobile Internet. As a result, children’s habitual participation… Continue Reading GPS jammer makes your driving safer

Jammers are used more and more in today’s life, study and work, but jammers are good and bad, and they are not the same type. Our headquarters is the Jammer specialty store, there are various Jammers on the market, you can choose. With high quality, real operation, and beautiful prices,… Continue Reading Jammers can save radiation damage to the human body

We need to keep the content of the meeting confidential. You need to know that important meetings in this country will last for several days, and mobile phones are banned. They are surrounded by multiple jammers, so you cannot interrupt the outside world. It is not only a national meeting,… Continue Reading Disruptors keep the meeting in order

Today’s high-speed communication is mainly quite fast, even in a separate house, it seems that radio waves can reach every room. Therefore, I think radio waves will also be strongly propagated, but what is the actual situation? I have this question: Is it possible to avoid or block the Wi-Fi… Continue Reading A good meeting environment requires mobile jammers

Nowadays, electronic products such as WIFI that require electromagnetic waves have been widely used in our daily lives. It is an essential element of life not only in big cities but also in rural areas. However, many people are allergic to electromagnetic waves. This type of person feels head and… Continue Reading Many public places began to ban the use of mobile phones