The maximum blocking radius of the signal jammer is 20 meters. It is actually a large area. The most common red light cameras interfere with one or two frequency bands. The high-power jammer cuts off the highest frequency band of 868MHz. The total output of this device is 15W. The… Continue Reading Mobile jammers can be carried and used with you

There are many different types of interference devices on the market. Have you heard of signal jammers? This article introduces a powerful signal jammer. Focus on the GPS Jammers with 15W high power 5 antennas. The jammer is a powerful new device that has gradually won people’s attention. In some cases, such… Continue Reading Mobile jammer is a powerful new device

The business manager encountered a new problem. When setting tasks, most employees are “community leaders.” I cannot concentrate on the content of the meeting. In order to improve efficiency, many companies have installed cell phone jammers. Spend thousands of dollars. I sold mobile jammers online. According to industry insiders, it… Continue Reading GPS jammer can block the GPS signal on the phone

Products such as mobile phone jamming devices and high-definition hidden cameras are now being shown in the American Film Organization. Electronic equipment has entered the university classroom. Students in this school have different guesses about the use of this mobile jammer. We believe that these electronic devices should focus on… Continue Reading Radio jammers are standard test room equipment

Bluetooth jammers are versatile. You can easily block Bluetooth and UHF signals. You do not need to buy three signal jammers. WiFi signal blockers are very popular. According to the signal strength in this area, a high output of 15 watts is designed. The blockage of the multifunctional signal jammer… Continue Reading Hot WiFi jammer can damage the device body

As you know, mobile phones have brought a lot of convenience to people. Employees use mobile phones during working hours. In this case, you will need a cell phone signal jammer. 4G mobile phone jammers have now become a very common device. Mobile jammers enter the market because people have… Continue Reading 4G mobile phone jammer guarantees the fairness of the test

Selectively shield telephone signals in highly sensitive places such as enterprises and institutions. Open some signal areas. Signals in some areas need to be turned off. In the small market, there is a strong demand for smartphone jammers. This market cannot be ignored. Shielding work is required to ensure normal… Continue Reading Smart phone jammers are in high demand

In recent years, wireless Internet has become widespread. Radio signals are often used. I can’t imagine life without WiFi and Internet. You can also simply share information. Although useful, it may violate privacy rights. In order to solve these problems, there is a way to block radio signals. One way… Continue Reading wifi jammer sends signals to the same frequency

The jammer must be on the ground. Follow the instructions to use. You can buy with confidence. All products have been evaluated and certified by the National Security Technology Center. Suppress cell phone signal. Effectively protect your information. Smart phones have their pros and cons. This smartphone jammer can meet… Continue Reading GPS jammer can guarantee the validity of information

The modern computerized era is developing rapidly. There are problems with wireless communication security. The confidentiality and security of economic information and scientific and technological information are challenged by various stakeholders in Japan and overseas. Under modern information technology, mobile cell phone jammer are very important equipment. It is prohibited to carry… Continue Reading Smart phone jammer helps you stay away from wifi signal