GPS tracker is a device that uses GPS signals to track equipment. The most news about it is that victims track criminals using it, and then police use it to fight criminal gangs. Tell you something. The fleet is equipped with GPS locators to facilitate management. Advantages of car GPS… Continue Reading Portable GPS signal jammer is your ideal choice

There are many ways to solve this problem, and I will show you one of the simplest and most effective ways to use a portable GPS Jammers. When you don’t need to use the GPS function, you don’t have to turn it on, and when you need to protect the… Continue Reading GPS signal jammer is a very effective device

GPS is not only convenient for people, but also poses many threats to people’s lives. This may be convenient for us, but it may also be convenient for others. They refer to people who are in a bad mood and want to commit crimes against us through such facilities. GPS… Continue Reading GPS jammers will not affect our lives

In today’s technological society, people’s lives seem to be inseparable from GPS. Our smart phones have GPS functions, including GPS positioning and GPS navigation. Our car also has a GPS system, which can easily make our car stolen. At present, children’s smart phone watches on the market have GPS function,… Continue Reading GPS jammer devices provide privacy protection

Dismantle GPS to find a professional dismantling company, otherwise your car will be more dangerous. For a car you buy with a lot of money, you should take good care of it. Its safety is more important than your safety. In order to protect it, you can use a variety… Continue Reading WiFi jammer blocked Internet access

Recently, many people have asked me a question, is it safe to disassemble the car? I gave them many assumptions about this issue, one of which is that the GPS has not been completely removed, which is absolutely unsafe. The other is that the GPS has been dismantled, and the… Continue Reading Mini GPS signal jammer allows you to interrupt tracking anytime, anywhere

French saboteurs were allowed to enter 2012. Cinemas, cinemas, and schools can use them to combat phone use to avoid interruptions in programs or courses. Assuming that jammers can be inserted into the spectrum of mobile operators, which pays them access fees, the country believes that it is not normal… Continue Reading Will Wifi jammers punish cyber criminals?

When Telstra announced the closing time, its executives stated that GSM accounted for less than one percent of the total traffic. For operators, shutting down the GSM network has both technical and economic advantages. The frequency resources released after the network is closed can be used to build a new… Continue Reading Mobile jammer devices have a long life

The technological world has entered the 4G mobile era, and more and more operators are shutting down GSM and CDMA second-generation (2G) networks. According to IDG News Agency, many GSM network operators around the world have gradually shut down and no longer provide services. The GSM network function affects people’s… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer to solve phone harassment

Not all operators around the world are eager to shut down their GSM networks. European GSM operators are more cautious. French operator Orange said it will not shut down the GSM network on a large scale. Telenor, the Norwegian telecommunications operator, recently announced that it will close its 3G network… Continue Reading Portable jammer can be used anywhere