Not long ago, after a radical demonstration in Warsaw by Polish militants, a helicopter was installed and launched, demonstrating the unique capabilities of small flying drones. The film was released online and quickly became popular, raising many questions about how these drones will be used in journalism. Spence Surgefukaku said… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers evolved into military weapons

As we all know, in order to achieve the ideal state, the interference signal of the mobile phone is used to achieve the goal. The best choice is to buy different types of cell phone jammer in the market to meet your needs. Looking for something that can be cut off from… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers prevent future communications

This tracking will not affect the earth’s magnetic field, nor can it be prevented. The indoor tracking system can also work without using radio signals. Implementing this Finnish solution in the field can introduce a new type of indoor monitoring. Installed in every building, you can track location information without… Continue Reading Information security within the protection of mobile phone jammers

As long as modern robots can do many things, such as jumping, flying, and maintaining balance, most people can use robots to covertly monitor people they don’t know. One of them may be you. You can use GPS Jammers on the robot to protect yourself from more and more threats. It can… Continue Reading GPS jammer protects location data

As George Orwell explained, the bureaucracy gave two speeches in this way, which is a very ominous reason. But why ask this question, why is this device full of things that should be “glitches”, and only shut down after reporters and representatives protested loudly in the room? At 5:47 pm,… Continue Reading Mobile jammer is used to block other sounds in the meeting

As you know, in different situations, you may need to use the adjustable function to cut the signals of different frequency bands. Therefore, the winner is appropriate because the desired frequency band can be selected. Mobile phone jammers with adjustable buttons can easily attack your target. In addition, the power… Continue Reading Will high temperature cause damage to 3G mobile phone jammers?

Now you can close them politely and leave, or you can buy a cell phone jammer and leave them alone. Unfortunately, they are becoming more and more important because many people (especially prison guards) want to believe that new technology products can solve their problems. A group of prison guards… Continue Reading Install desktop cell phone jammers in public places

The radio frequency emitted by mobile phone signal jammers is the same as that of mobile phones, so their function is similar to jammers. This will cause enough interference to prevent the call from connecting to the phone. Currently, there are two types of mobile cell phone jammer. The first category… Continue Reading Mobile jammer prevents untrusted signals from appearing

Canada believes that this situation can be avoided under similar circumstances. However, Industry Canada is responsible for overseeing telecommunications activities in Canada, claiming that the device may infringe upon personal freedom and affect security and the impact of law enforcement agencies on public safety. We decided to oppose this move.… Continue Reading Mobile jammers are used to enjoy concerts

If you have a national license, Japan allows you to install interference devices in public places such as theaters and concert halls. Unless there is an emergency call, the French Minister of Industry decided to interfere with cinemas, concert halls and theaters. Schools in China and India use car-mounted GPS Jammers to… Continue Reading Car GPS jammers to thwart crooks