The 3rd Assault Helicopter Battalion, the 227th Aviation Regiment, the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, and the 1st Cavalry Division Taxi from the Red Rock Test Center Airport in the Red Rock Armory, Alaska. An airstrike mission was carried out during the operational test of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. In… Continue Reading Mobile jammer interrupts missile attack

Sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment and a total of 34 years’ imprisonment. This verdict ended the first trial of three defendants who were suspected of investigating a robbery and kidnapping in a hotel in Pompeii, thus shortening the trial time. Yesterday afternoon, the trial judge of the Torre Annunziata court… Continue Reading GPS jammer prevents car theft

On May 7, 2021, Tysons Corner, Virginia-Mercury Systems (Nasdaq: MRCY) introduced an open spectrum processing architecture to help developers build electronic warfare, software-based radio and signal intelligence platforms, ExecutiveBiz Reported on April 22. The company cited the U.S. Navy’s cell phone jammer technology optimization at the Cape Mugu Naval Air Station as… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers were used in the early days of naval aviation

LOS ANGELES, FL-Congressmen arrested three men and a North Carolina woman on Thursday for trying to defraud money from Internet gaming facilities in Columbia County. Gabrien Brooks, 25; Jordan Stoney, 23; Khadijah Thomas, 27; According to a copy of the arrest report received from News4Jax, this year Brandon Walls, 31,… Continue Reading Mobile jammer prevents malicious charges in games

Using GPS in a car can track the car and improve safety. In addition, GPS can also prevent vehicles from being stolen. The GPS embedded in the car can be controlled through an application on a smartphone. As long as the GPS is still on, the owner can continue to… Continue Reading GPS jammer prevention signal detection device

Highly confidential chats, encrypted mobile phones up to 1800 Euros, communication programs, cost more than 1600 Euros for half a year. “Boviciani” spared no effort to protect their illegal traffic from insects from the slide investigators led by director Maurizio Vallone. Accessing in the “closed network” of the Giorgi family… Continue Reading Mobile jammers can block strong signal pulses

Modern radar/electronic warfare signals (EW) are more diverse than previous signals. Frequency agility, low probability of interception (LPI), large bandwidth and interleaved pulse repetition interval (PRI) bring measurement challenges, as it now takes longer to capture pulses to see radar patterns or electronic attack systems (EA) Test to make sure… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer interrupted target tracking

Kuala Lumpur: A luxury car theft group was blown up after the police confiscated five stolen cars worth about 1 million ringgit. After the raids in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Kelantan from May 1 to 10, 11 men and 2 foreign women were also arrested. Kuala Lumpur Deputy Police Chief… Continue Reading GPS jammer to block GPS signals

With the increase in interference and interference from marine environments around the world, Hexagon | NovAtel is honored to introduce GAJT-410MS (the latest product of its proven anti-jamming TGPS (GAJT) technology) to the commercial and defense marine market. This SWaP model (small size, light weight, low power) can protect civil… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers have directional sensing capabilities

Experts and lawmakers said on Tuesday that the U.S. military has invested too little in new electronic warfare mobile cell phone jammer and lags behind China and Russia to block radio signals, fake radars and hide its own emissions. Bryan Clark said: Hudson Institute (Hudson Institute) National Defense Concepts and Technology Center… Continue Reading Mobile jammers just turn passive into active