Mobile jammers need to be used in conjunction with the surrounding environment

Although the mobile cell phone jammer is called jammer, it does not actually shield the signal. On the contrary, another name is more suitable for it-signal jammer. Generally speaking, the connection between the mobile phone and the mobile phone will pass through the base station, that is, the path of mobile phone-base station-mobile phone. The mobile phone jammer will interfere with the communication path between the mobile phone and the base station, resulting in abnormal transmission. However, the base station is shared by mobile phones within a certain range, so it is often the case that the mobile phone signals cannot be used normally when not in the conference room.

Mobile phone jammer power size; generally divided into low power, medium power, and high power. Except for special occasions, it is generally not recommended to use high-power signal jammers, which will seriously interfere with the base station signal transmission and also have a certain degree of radiation to the human body. For educational examinations, it is recommended to use low-power in standardized examination rooms and conference rooms. Even if a low-power one cannot achieve the effect in some places, you can choose multiple cellular layouts. This effect is better than using a single medium power or high power, and the radiation is not that big. This is the final point for choosing a mobile phone signal jammer and the one that is most easily overlooked. Why is it easy to be ignored? Many manufacturers now forcefully recommend a certain signal jammer without knowing the signal environment and range of the test room. This easily leads to poor shielding effects and inability to completely block wireless signals. Therefore, Dazhan Electronics recommends that you need to find a professional manufacturer to buy a mobile phone jammer, and it is best to test it on the spot, so as to customize a shielding solution suitable for the examination room environment.

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