GPS jammer shields a certain range of signals

The GPS signal of a car GPS tracker is the same as that of a mobile phone. It is easily interfered by electronic devices. GPS Jammers can shield all signals within a certain range, causing all communication devices in the range to lose their signals. Without the communication signal, there will be no ultra-new data upload on the GPS monitoring platform. Unable to query vehicle location. As a result, auto loan companies are unable to accurately grasp the whereabouts of loan vehicles in time, and control vehicles bring bad debts and cause great risks. The personal property was also lost as a result. So is there an anti-shielding car GPS location tracker? The answer is yes. If the auto finance company is still using the ordinary car GPS location tracker, it will be OUT. This matter has been rumored in the circle for a long time. If you haven’t encountered it yet, you can only say that all you meet are conscientious customers. Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

The effective shielding range of GPS signal jammers will be different in different use scenes. This is closely related to the field strength of the signal on site. The shielding range of mobile phones of different standards in the same site is not necessarily the same; the factors that affect the shielding range include but are not limited to: distance from the signal tower, orientation, obstacles, the wall material of the site building, GPS jammers The installation height, installation specifications, etc.; each antenna has a frequency band identification, which must correspond to the frequency band identification on the host one-to-one. Before the GPS signal jammer is turned on, it must be ensured that each antenna is connected reliably. It is never allowed to turn on the device without connecting the antenna; after working for a long time, the surface temperature of the GPS jammer is about 40~50℃, which is normal. If the surface temperature is too high, please turn off the power and try to contact your local dealer or agent;

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