The standard Drone Dun system includes RADA RPS-42 multi-task hemisphere radar, Controp MEOS electro-optical (EO)/infrared monitoring kit, communication kit and C-Guard RD and NetSense broadband detection sensors developed by Netline. The activation of directional phone/GNSS and radio frequency cell phone jammer/suppressors eliminates the threat of drones. But Russia already has the… Continue Reading Activation of mobile jammer eliminates the threat of drones

Russia’s wifi jammer system poses a huge threat. Defense Ministry officials did not confirm whether they lost the drone due to the interference in the NBC News interview, but an official said that the interference had a commercial impact on military operations in Syria. The international security organization Organization for Security and… Continue Reading WiFi Jammer poses a huge threat to Russia

Drone jammer can effectively resist UAVs several kilometers away. Generally, GPS jammers will work with drones, and their pilots will operate on the ratio of the distance between the drone and the jammer. The farther the drone is from the pilot and the closer it is to the jammer, the better… Continue Reading Drone jammers can withstand drones several kilometers away

Interference from the mobile phone will block the signal from the mobile phone. After installation, there is no signal in the phone. Yesterday I read a post saying that a university has installed a mobile cell phone jammer because many students are playing games or using mobile phones to access the Internet.… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer prevents cell phones from surfing the Internet

How would you feel if you were surrounded by phones every hour, day or night? In this situation, many people feel that they are on the verge of an accident and don’t know how long they can stand it, because they can’t even fall asleep in this situation. Let go,… Continue Reading 4G desktop jammer is the most ideal choice

Mobile video jammers are mainly used to suppress interference and have a significant effect on suppression. Generally speaking, video jammers are mainly used in the image transmission process of surveillance systems, such as intelligence communities, transportation, mines, elevators, hospitals, and financial institutions. When there is human interference, the image will… Continue Reading GPS Jammer can be protected from location surveillance

So when you choose a signal jammer, check the required indicator, you will know that sending text messages while driving is a practical problem today, and it seems to spread not only on vehicles such as cars, but also on airplanes Spread on. Although there are many systems that can… Continue Reading GPS jammer solves the danger in the sky provides solutions that can make devices suffer from GPS interference. First of all, you should know that Wi-Fi networks use 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit data, and that frequency is easily blocked. All you need is a wifi jammer, and you should know that there is also a desktop version.… Continue Reading Wi-Fi jammers can also block mobile phone jammers

GSM is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications and is the most widely used digital wireless telephone technology in the world. The protocol describing the 2G cellular network is a standard. The protocol uses a base station to generate a stable electromagnetic field radio frequency signal to relay… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers against criminal gangs

The GSM network function affects people’s lives. This is the basic foundation of mobile phone voice communication and short message service networks. Not only that, but online news recently also stated that Russia’s latest technology using GSM networks for cruise navigation and drone tracking also has very important applications. Russia’s… Continue Reading GPS jammer prevents others from tracking