For those who want to use signal jammers among car owners, do you know which jammer they would choose? There is no doubt that they need to use signal interference devices, and the design of the on-board charger makes it easy to operate the jammer while driving, so as to… Continue Reading Portable jammer with car charger

There is no doubt that the advantages of mobile phones. Communicate anytime and anywhere in the busy life. As a responsible parent, the benefits of instant mobile communication are necessary-what happens if your child cannot go home? This can help parents better manage the family and make them safer. They… Continue Reading Mobile jammer allows you to have a healthy life schedule

Iranian security officials said on the 13th that due to anti-phishing, confidential information may be exposed to Iranian officials who are prohibited from using smartphones at work. Purchase a mobile phone cell phone blocker Installing jammers in many important locations can effectively block the signal to prevent leakage. This appears to have… Continue Reading The jammer can effectively block the signal to prevent leakage

To understand this very powerful car signal jammer, you first need to find out that the car’s remote control is working. Also known as remote keyless entry system (RKE), 80% of new cars are now equipped with this keyless entry system. Such a system consists of a wireless remote control… Continue Reading Jammers can prevent the normal operation of radio networks

WiFi is a very convenient way to share files, videos and music in the home and office. WiFi is also easy to set up and use in daily life. But there is a major disadvantage. You can easily share your information with friends and colleagues, but this information can also… Continue Reading WiFi jammer is a simple application

Many Catholics and representatives of other Christian denominations around the world took a breather in the chapel of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and were elected as the new pope. The conference center started on March 12, and it may have been the most interesting and safest conference center… Continue Reading Install signal jammers in residential areas to prevent data leakage

Initially, mobile jammers were placed in stores to ensure protection from unnecessary phone calls and to prevent people from using mobile phones to talk in public places where silence must be maintained (such as hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters, or religious organizations). Since some people stick their mobile phones to their… Continue Reading The range of the jammer is only related to power

What is electronic warfare? Electronic warfare uses concentrated energy (usually radio waves or lasers) to confuse or disable enemy electronic equipment. It can also be about listening-collecting radio signals from the enemy or detecting incoming missiles. As countries like Russia begin to develop greater digital and electronic capabilities, electronic warfare… Continue Reading Military jammers are suitable for many occasions

It is no longer a secret that almost every country, city, restaurant, cafe and public place can use free Wi-Fi. We cannot imagine life without WiFi and Internet. Our mobile phones, tablets and other devices can connect to WiFi day and night. We know that WiFi is a wireless technology.… Continue Reading WiFi jammer can truly protect the security of the network

In fact, mobile phone distribution is no longer a novelty abroad and has been sold in China for nearly two years. Broadcasters even came up with a design and published it on the Internet. The principle is simple, like “speak loudly, speak quietly”. In the working principle of the device,… Continue Reading The jammer helps you develop good habits