In many situations in life, such as exams and meetings, using the telephone is not appropriate. In this case, the signal will interfere with the wifi jammer of the mobile phone within a certain range. There is no telephone signal. Very good to achieve the desired effect. The development of… Continue Reading The latest research on jammers in the global market

If you don’t want to use a portable device, and you need to turn your attention to a device type location (desktop version), you need to make sure that 90% of cell phone jammers are considered desktop better than portable jammers. In addition, you should know that any blocking device… Continue Reading Any jammer device generates a lot of heat during operation

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To prevent the phone from ringing, you will need a phone jammer. This is a new product-CDMA DCS PCS GSM 3G 4G WiFi signal jammer. Do you need an interfering device that can block both mobile phone and WiFi signals? This 3G/4G/WiFi/cell phone jammer can definitely help you. This phone… Continue Reading 4G jammer is a combination of high technology and advanced design

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When you have an important meeting, even if you tell them to turn off the phone before the meeting, someone’s phone will ring suddenly, which is also annoying. To solve this problem, mobile jammers were invented. If you need a more powerful blocking phone jammer, you can choose a high-power… Continue Reading Jammers can block signals of different frequencies

Mobile phones were originally invented to talk to someone when needed. But with the passage of time, things have changed. Nowadays, mobile phones are not only phones, but also computers, portable entertainment devices, Internet terminals, wallets, GPS navigation projects, movie theaters, etc. Now you can see that everyone carries a… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammer is a device against mobile phone signal