More and more equipment is used to reduce the influence of signal suppressors as a tool to reduce the risk of theft in cargo transportation. Experts pointed out that, so far, in Mexico, there is no system or tool that is truly excluded from jammers. To understand how the system… Continue Reading How the jammer suppression signal works

Cyborg Unplug is a mechanism that detects when a device is within the range of the router and triggers an alarm. If needed, even if it has a key, it can prevent it from stealing WiFi. However, you can also completely block the Internet connection, which is illegal. Are you… Continue Reading It is illegal to ban other people’s WiFi networks

Discussed the way of smartphones in movie theaters. I am disappointed with the ringtones of mobile phones and smartphones and the lighting on the LCD, because these devices can watch the movies I am looking forward to. Everyone will have this experience. Before the performance, the theater side reported “ceremonial… Continue Reading Jammers are gradually being used in movie theaters

According to data from the American Association of Vehicle Tracking and Protection Companies (ANERPV), from January to December 2019, their employees recorded more than 3,000 robberies, of which 75% were carried out by jammer holders. These devices block cellular signals, radio communications and data transmission. As a result, the device… Continue Reading Different interference effects between jammers

Vallejo, California (KGO)-Your safety is an important part of our efforts to tell stories and build a better place. Car theft and theft are among the most common crimes in the Bay Area. The local police department captured a car intruder who broke in secretly without breaking any windows. On… Continue Reading The signal jammer will block any noise from the information terminal

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) can install jammers on India’s international borders to block cell phone signals from neighboring countries as a counter-terrorism measure. Kolkata: The Ministry of Telecommunications (DoT) can install jammers along India’s international borders to block cell phone signals from neighboring countries as a counter-terrorism measure. ET… Continue Reading The operation and maintenance of various jammers is a big challenge

Wireless network researchers have proposed a way to destroy wireless signals without power. In an article published through ArXiv, a set of coffins from universities in Australia, China, Singapore, and South Korea described a technique that uses IRS (Intelligent Reflective Surface) technology (an emerging wireless signal optimization scheme) To replace… Continue Reading Jammers can reduce signal power by up to 99%

The Russian GPS Jammers has attracted the attention of the Chinese media. For Sina Portal, this weapon is a real “headache” that the United States must face. The Pentagon’s navigation system is an essential tool for any Army mission. The Chinese portal Sina wrote that Russian electronic jammers could deactivate US GPS… Continue Reading The jammer makes the government a headache

In the northwest of Altaga, in the heart of the Sahel, terrorist attacks have increased in recent weeks. They will appear on the pickup as soon as possible after they disappear and severely damage the equipment installed in the vehicle. Large Diameter. In the melting pot, a joint escort of… Continue Reading Jammers can easily disrupt the enemy’s strategic deployment

On Friday, a Montelimar resident was arrested for disrupting mobile communications in the city center. He equipped himself with a frequency jammer because he felt he was being watched. On Friday afternoon, a Montelimar resident was arrested for a specific crime: “possessing and using equipment that tends to paralyze communication… Continue Reading Arrested for using jammers to disrupt urban communications