With the increasing popularity of GPS Jammers, the military hopes that its missiles can ignore false signals. The Army is looking for “novel technologies that use existing antenna configurations or make minor changes to the vehicle’s RF front end to determine the direction of malicious interference sources (i.e. traceable imitation signals)… Continue Reading GPS jammers can ignore false signals

Last week, after a series of arrests in Ombillo, Ombillo station chief Cole Teddy Munusami congratulated the officers. The Ombillo SAPS station chief praised the police’s good arrests in the area during the past week. In an incident on November 3, three men were arrested in a warehouse on Williams… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers are mostly used to block signals

The military believes that micro-electronic devices have great potential and can revolutionize warfare through a large number of expendable, interconnected drones. However, the F-35 error is not intended to recur by creating a single multi-service large program. Washington: How to shrink electronic equipment and red tape at the same time?… Continue Reading Mobile jammers and cyber weapons can communicate at the same time

The Italian military announced that it is testing a new anti-UAV jammer in the Prometo 2020 exercise. The Prometo 2020 exercise was conducted by the Micro/Micro Aircraft Remote Control Center (CM/M APR) at the Foce Verde (LT) test site last week. The purpose of this exercise is to educate and… Continue Reading Independent drone jammer equipment integrated in the anti-UAS system

Washington-BAE Systems has received research and development funding from the US Army for the development of advanced radar jammer technology. The technology aims to improve the air survivability and mission efficiency of the US Army rotary wing aircraft and UAV systems by detecting and overcoming complex and unknown threats in… Continue Reading The electronic jammer countermeasure system is too large and heavy

The Kalashnikov team in Russia proposed the REX-1 anti-drone rifle. This portable Drone jammer provides a non-powered drone jammer. With the help of multi-band jammers (which can be used to defeat small UASs at relatively short distances), communication with the phone can also be interrupted, for example, to prevent suspicious devices from… Continue Reading UAV jammers can interrupt cell phone signals

The Bathinda police have proposed to equip their traffic police with WiFi camera. The police have even begun to build control rooms and will soon order the purchase of 100 such cameras, which will cost them 3.2 million rupees. Since this wifi jammer device has WiFi enabled, the recorded clips will be… Continue Reading WiFi jammer device has WiFi function

Malicious couriers can easily freeze the key cloud camera and roam the customer’s house unattended. Amazon is working on a solution to a bug in surveillance cameras that monitors couriers delivering packages to the homes of major customers. Amazon Key is a recently launched service that allows Amazon Express to… Continue Reading Well-known Wi-Fi jammer technology

Three Tanzanians were arrested for jamming the vehicle into the vehicle from a distance and robbing its owner of valuables. The names of the suspects were provided by the police. They were 29-year-old laboratory technician Ruderick Benedict, 39-year-old businessman Cassian Pascal and 29-year-old Haji Yussifu. The Accra Regional Police Commander… Continue Reading GPS jammer intercepted the victim’s car lock remotely

After the alleged drone attack on London Gatwick Airport in 2018, we have been looking for effective countermeasures against these fraudulent drone operators. An interesting solution was developed in Turkey and briefly recorded on his Drone sensory page through Crowdsupply. Since the agreement was not disclosed, there are some gaps… Continue Reading The drone jammer controls the uva