You whisper to your girlfriend, suddenly 20 strangers rap loudly in 20 foreign languages ​​at the same time, and you will never hear your girlfriend’s voice anymore. Can we use how to make a mobile cell phone jammer to interrupt their singing? The principle of a mobile phone signal jammer is actually… Continue Reading Mobile jammers have different names

Whether you are driving or crossing the road (or using a crosswalk), texting while driving or walking will not only endanger your life, but also the lives of others around you. For example, you text when you are on a crosswalk, but you can’t see the red lights and green… Continue Reading What effect does the signal booster have on mobile phone jammers?

This is a question you should consider today. You may ask me: Why should I worry about this? In answer to your question, I want to say that although this does not seem to be a problem (for example, related to texting while driving), this topic is becoming more and… Continue Reading The development of mobile phone jammers is accompanied by the development of communication technology

If you want to find someone’s social media records, current contact details, relatives, property, criminal records or any other content, you need this app. Background Check only knows the name of a person, even their email address. Anyone can find any information about you at a glance. The app provides… Continue Reading Mobile jammer refuses to disclose information

Today, there are many applications that share our location data and other private information. Although some of them are useful, others can be very scary. This is a list of the 10 scariest applications we managed to compile. The app was created by i-Free, a Russian app developer. It uses… Continue Reading Mobile jammer prevents mobile phones from retrieving network information

When they are single, an anonymous letter will be sent and the person will know that they can choose their future relationship. But the “waiting room” gave the person two days to break up. Only in this way, the identities of all their admirers will be revealed. These are just… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers avoid or disclose data and location information

Not long ago, a Polish activist demonstrated the unique capabilities of small flying drones when setting up a helicopter and launching it to follow armed protests in Warsaw. The film was released online and quickly spread. In addition, many questions have been raised about how to use these drones for… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers to prevent drones from tracking your activities

The police say this technology will make their jobs safer, but civil rights activists worry that the use of drones will seriously damage people’s privacy. The police will not clarify which part is allocated to the drones of the various departments, but it is believed that they will be used… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammer equipped with modern technology

If necessary, you can use flexible controls to block the signal bar. The 7.4v/3600Ma/h lithium ion battery can be used for a long time. After turning on the mobile phone jammer, you can charge it. Life is very convenient. In addition, it is an adjustable signal jammer that allows you… Continue Reading Complex cell phone jammers can block multiple types of networks at the same time

Despite its compact and exquisite design, this signal jammer is still an ideal choice. This GPS jammer adjustable 3G 4G has many advantages, what do you think? The radiation frequency of the mobile phone signal jammer is the same as that of the mobile phone, so its function is similar… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammer is the best protection for your own phone