There are two coins for everything. Mobile phones are now widely used in the world. There is no doubt that it will bring tremendous changes to our lives and our world. People need mobile phones to communicate with each other more easily. And there are many traces that we can… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers protect public safety

All cellphone jammers used by the US military during the Iraq War are very important to deprive the rebels of their most powerful weapons. The US government spent $17 billion to purchase 50,000 jamming units, but before the war began, RF jammers and IEDs were a cat and mouse game,… Continue Reading Mobile jammers provided a great help in the war

Hundreds of electronic warfare experts in the Iraqi Navy, 14 kinds of whine make the sound reach a certain state of harmony. Set up a protocol that allows the wifi jammer device to send a signal and then mute it for a few milliseconds so that another gadget can broadcast. This allows… Continue Reading WiFi jammer stops explosive devices

Different people buy WiFi jammers for different purposes. Different wifi jammer can interfere with different signals, and different countries use different telephone signals, so many customers may have questions when buying WiFi jammers. They are confused about how to choose their jammers. If you are not sure how to choose the correct… Continue Reading WiFi jammers can block cell phone signals

Secondly, it is necessary to determine the location and interference range of the mobile cell phone jammer. There are two types of mobile phone signal jammers-portable and desktop. There are many differences between portable jammers and desktop jammers. If you need to use it in the car or carry it often,… Continue Reading Mobile jammer protects personal information

An important part of any mobile phone specification is its operating frequency band. The supported frequency band determines whether a particular mobile phone is compatible with a particular network operator. If you buy a cell phone jammer in Germany, you need to know the cell phone frequency bands used in Germany. 2G… Continue Reading Mobile jammer protects encrypted communications

If your phone is hacked or infected with a virus, it will be easier to find. We recommend always checking the authorization of Android users, as many applications require base station tracking authorization. Finally, once the coordinates of the nearest cell phone tower are known-using the signal power from each… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers can save lives

The legal issue of the dilemma is a frequently discussed topic. As we talked about before, the mobile phone jammer laws in different countries are different. First of all, we will say that from the beginning, every kind of mobile phone signal jammer is allowed to be introduced into the… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers isolate criminals from information

We believe that things have two sides. As a tool, a mobile phone jammer is not dangerous to do it yourself, the key is how to use it. Like tools and weapons, their offensive power is greater than shame, but many places are legal, especially tools. Wouldn’t the government allow… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers prohibit unauthorized areas

A global IT security infrastructure survey by the Ponemon Institute found that 83% of organizations around the world believe that the complexity of the organization makes them the most risky. Employees cannot meet the demands of the business because they are too difficult to produce, and policies affect their ability… Continue Reading Mobile jammers can avoid cheating in exams