There are dozens of hundreds of styles of positioning and tracking functions in the market, such as wired gps positioning trackers, wireless positioning trackers, oil and power-off positioning trackers, anti-GPS locators, strong magnetic locators, wireless positioning trackers, electronic fence positioning and many more. Borch Space-Time GPS signal jammer tracks the… Continue Reading GPS jammer can protect vehicle privacy

It can effectively prevent the vehicle from being tracked by location on the road, and the location signal disappears after effective shielding, and the location of the vehicle cannot be located, thereby protecting the privacy of the vehicle. In addition, the GPS Jammers has the difference between a small handheld and a… Continue Reading GPS jammer prevents the vehicle from being located

Although the GPS jammer can effectively interfere with the signal of the locator, this approach is to treat the symptoms and not the root cause. After all, GPS is still in it. At the same time, the mobile phone signal will be interfered. If there is any important call or… Continue Reading GPS jammers seriously affect public transportation

How to make the GPS positioning of the vehicle invalid? It is necessary to know that the locator is just like a mobile phone, it needs to install a SIM card to receive and send information, so it has a certain frequency in the working state. At this time, if… Continue Reading GPS jammer makes the detector useless

The signal jammer can indeed shield the GPS signal, but it has drawbacks. It will shield all the signals on the car! In other words, it is impossible for a car thief to use mobile phones and other communication equipment around the car. If he cannot find out and destroy… Continue Reading GPS jammer guarantees the safety of people

In addition to GPS Jammers, some people may say that they will use signal detectors to find out and destroy GPS locators. Yes, this is also true, but this is only useful for some GPS devices. If the GPS locator is in a dormant state most of the time, the signal… Continue Reading GPS jammers can put cars to sleep

Many car loan companies and car rental companies install GPS locators on their cars to monitor the rented vehicles to prevent renters from defrauding rentals and loans. However, such good things are targeted by criminals, as long as they are purchased on the market. A GPS signal jammer is installed… Continue Reading GPS jammer shields a variety of signals

Car GPS locator can help us manage our own car, locate and query the location of the vehicle at any time, and carry out anti-theft tracking; some automobile companies and public transportation companies can also perform fleet management scheduling, data management and data based on the data provided by the… Continue Reading GPS jammers can stop some illegal activities

Ultra-long standby wireless car GPS locator, there is only one wake-up time per day. After waking up, it immediately returns the positioning information of the car to the owner’s mobile phone platform and then enters the dormant state. In the dormant state, it has no signal. , It is absolutely… Continue Reading GPS jammer can shield communication equipment

The GPS signal of a car GPS tracker is the same as that of a mobile phone. It is easily interfered by electronic devices. GPS Jammers can shield all signals within a certain range, causing all communication devices in the range to lose their signals. Without the communication signal, there will be… Continue Reading GPS jammer shields a certain range of signals