Initially, mobile jammers were placed in stores to ensure protection from unnecessary phone calls and to prevent people from using mobile phones to talk in public places where silence must be maintained (such as hospitals, restaurants, movie theaters, or religious organizations). Since some people stick their mobile phones to their… Continue Reading The range of the jammer is only related to power

What is electronic warfare? Electronic warfare uses concentrated energy (usually radio waves or lasers) to confuse or disable enemy electronic equipment. It can also be about listening-collecting radio signals from the enemy or detecting incoming missiles. As countries like Russia begin to develop greater digital and electronic capabilities, electronic warfare… Continue Reading Military jammers are suitable for many occasions

It is no longer a secret that almost every country, city, restaurant, cafe and public place can use free Wi-Fi. We cannot imagine life without WiFi and Internet. Our mobile phones, tablets and other devices can connect to WiFi day and night. We know that WiFi is a wireless technology.… Continue Reading WiFi jammer can truly protect the security of the network

In fact, mobile phone distribution is no longer a novelty abroad and has been sold in China for nearly two years. Broadcasters even came up with a design and published it on the Internet. The principle is simple, like “speak loudly, speak quietly”. In the working principle of the device,… Continue Reading The jammer helps you develop good habits

Steve Gray, the principal of Hardy Middle School on Vancouver Island, purchased the jammer from an online supplier in China. in school. Although the experiment was short-lived, the controversy touched on the problem of increasing use of mobile phones during school hours, especially in high school. Donnelly also pointed out… Continue Reading In the face of mobile phone party jammers, they have become popular

Authorities said that in an incident that occurred around 7:15 pm on Sunday, prisoners living in various dormitories of the Li Correctional Institution were involved in the riots. The riot killed 7 prisoners and wounded 17 people in the highest security prison. At a press conference on Monday, Sterling stated… Continue Reading UAV jammer it interfered with the control signal

With economic development, GPS and other positioning systems are increasing. GPS equipment is very useful for our navigation and rescue. On the other hand, it also exposes our position on the problem. With the help of GPS devices, bad guys can easily stop us. When we are with family, shopping,… Continue Reading Cell phone signal jammer can eliminate your long-distance business travel

The Russian army is buying jamming equipment and plans to install it on cell phone towers. The idea is simple: The Kremlin can activate these jammers during the conflict and pray that these interceptors will reduce the accuracy of American missile strikes. The Newspaper emphasized, “Integrate the system into the… Continue Reading The impact of jammers on drones is still great

We use the phone during the day. Mobile phones are part of our lives today. When we go to the supermarket, we pay by mobile phone. When we travel, we take pictures with our mobile phones. When we want to watch a movie, we watch it on our mobile phone.… Continue Reading Mobile jammer is an anti-cellular signal device

Why are there so many mobile phones outside the school? For network problems, everyone’s first response is to complain to the operator. The network operator’s on-site investigation found that there is high interference signal strength in the complained area. For normal areas, the mobile phone cannot use the wireless network,… Continue Reading Jammers are used frequently in universities