Have you heard of cell phone jammers? Mobile phones are prohibited from communicating. It is an out-of-service device that prevents signal transmission between the mobile phone and the base station. This can seriously interfere with the communication between the sender and receiver. Effectively block signal transmission including 3G, CDMA, GSM… Continue Reading Various radio jammers meet people’s needs

Currently, we eat fast food. Use quick tools to travel. Read breaking news. The whole society is becoming a fast society. If you have time, you will need to spend some time on your smartphone. We don’t have time to enjoy the many beautiful things around us. Now, all you… Continue Reading Jammers can reject invalid sounds

I have heard of cell phone interference technology. I think more and more people are using GPS applications while driving. In addition to improper use, it can cause more problems. The passenger was talking loudly about his mobile phone, and I was not satisfied. In order to improve this situation,… Continue Reading Mobile jammer can disable smartphones in effective range

As you know, mobile phones have brought a lot of convenience to people. Employees use mobile phones during working hours. In this case, your phone will need a signal jammer. 4G mobile phone jammers have now become a very common device. Mobile jammers enter the market because people have such… Continue Reading Jammer is a powerful new device

Some smartphones cannot receive signals. This is a necessary measure for people with limited mobility. This is a jammer that can block radio waves from mobile phones and PHS. It is used in many places. It is a device that blocks mobile radio waves by emitting special “suppressive radio waves”.… Continue Reading The gps jammer can also freely change the radius

The technical features of smartphones have their pros and cons. Some people abuse this technology. In some cases, personal data may be retrieved. We provide products on how to protect your privacy. The easiest and cheapest method. Provide jammers. No one can protect it. It can be said that with… Continue Reading WIFI signal jammer is an important product for modern people

Today, this device is very popular. This makes my life very convenient. This may violate the behavior of the smartphone. By using devices that cannot use mobile phones, we have solved various problems with mobile phones and created a comfortable space. Ideal to solve the problem of mobile phone mode.… Continue Reading Jammers can prevent only mobile phone communication

I had rice with my friends last week. There is a lot of discussion about the telephone. Smart phones have changed our lives. Bring a lot of convenience. However, there are many problems. On the train, mobile phone behavior is usually a problem. I often hear “please turn off the… Continue Reading Installing GPS jammers in public places is the best solution

The phone will no longer receive signals from the base station. It has a powerful built-in battery. Mobile phone users cannot use this device to send, receive, or send or receive messages. It can block 3G, GSM and CDMA signals. If the portable jammer has a large number of antennas,… Continue Reading The portable jammer has a large number of antennas

In some cases, smart phones waste money and time. Some people are tired of the annoying signals around. Using a mobile phone in a public place may annoy other people. Using smartphones in places such as military bases and libraries may cause unnecessary trouble. In order to avoid the above… Continue Reading Mobile jammers will disconnect the conversion between the mobile phone and the base station