Most of the time, some of our customers choose the wrong cell phone jammer when ordering. Therefore, if we suspect that a customer has ordered the wrong item, we send them an email to check and confirm how often they want to block. Some customers say they are not familiar… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers cannot interrupt Wi-Fi signals

As riots against police brutality and institutionalized racism swept across the country, many people were exposed to the full power of law enforcement weapons and surveillance for the first time. Whenever the protesters, mobile phones and police are in the same place, the protesters should pay attention to mobile phone… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer blocks calls in public

Most importantly, in the United States, there is hardly any concrete evidence that cell phone jammers are being used against demonstrators. The threat posed by cell phone jammers should not prevent activists from expressing disapproval or using their phones. Given that there are over 85 locations across the country, state… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers are inappropriate to protest

CSS is a device that imitates a legitimate base station. Police around the world mainly use this technology to locate the phone (and the person who is therefore located) with a high degree of accuracy, or to determine who is in a specific location. There have been reports in the… Continue Reading Mobile jammer intercepts text messages and calls on 4G networks

Legally, it is also unlikely that the police will use CSS to intercept content, because state and state wiretapping laws generally prohibit interception of communications without an arrest warrant. If the police want to obtain a wiretap order from the court, they can contact the telephone company directly to monitor… Continue Reading Don’t rely too much on GPS jammers

If CSS is used in protests, the most likely use is to determine who is nearby. In theory, law enforcement agencies could collect everyone’s IMSI at a collection point and then send them to the phone company to identify users to prove that they participated in the protest. There are… Continue Reading Mini GPS jammers can produce interference bubbles

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a cell location simulator. Some signs that can be interpreted as evidence, such as: B. Downgrading to 2G or losing connection with the cellular network are also common signs of cellular network overload. Some applications claim to be able to detect IMSI capturers, but… Continue Reading GPS jammer has a wide range of applications

District of Columbia, South Carolina-South Carolina plans to disrupt cell phone signals in prisons to prevent criminals from committing further crimes. There is a major problem with this plan: it is illegal. The struggle to stop the use of mobile phones in prisons-some experts say the device has become a… Continue Reading GPS signal jammer sends radio signals at exactly the same frequency

The Federal Communications Commission can authorize federal agencies to use such GPS Jammers. However, state and local law enforcement agencies have no such regulations. Ozmint, who has managed 28 prisons in South Carolina for the past five years, said: “This is a classic example of the rules failing to keep up… Continue Reading GPS jammers hinder fleet management

If officials can use GPS jammers to stop unanswered calls inside the prison walls, as Ozmint hopes to do in South Carolina, despite giving him this power, it may be challenged. FCC spokesperson Robert Kenny said: “We have no right to grant it when we think it is worthwhile or… Continue Reading The GPS jammer interrupted the signal of the satellite positioning system.