in China. It is reported that due to the adoption of Part 3 and Part 4 in Liuyang this year, the number of test takers from one of the ten schools in Jinqiao has reached 1,439, which is higher than other areas. Liuyang has the largest number of test takers.… Continue Reading Mobile jammer blocking network applications

At Chengdu University of Science and Technology, classrooms in the new building are equipped with “mobile cell phone jammer“, which are a good way to prevent students from using mobile phones in the classroom. Is the school really trying to block students’ cell phone signals? In the second teaching building of… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer prevents class calls

Subsequently, the joint inspection agency entered the three-person inspection room to inspect the signal mobile phone interference transmitter. “How much signal can this thing block? Can all mobile devices be blocked? Faced with the problem, Zhang Dexi immediately removed the device and turned on the juice. The reporter found that… Continue Reading The cell phone jammer cuts off all signals in range

Recently in Canada, many parents on school campuses are talking about “mobile war”: With the popularity of mobile phones, many middle school students have a hand or use mobile phones in class to display electronic reading of text messages, whether private or private. Cotton around the campus: Proprietary or new… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers destroy legal rights

The development of modern mobile technology makes it easier for young students to cheat by reading text messages or pictures on their mobile phones. Teachers often have great resistance to cheating on their mobile phones. But Italian universities have their own ways of dealing with people and using high-tech mobile cell… Continue Reading Cell phone jammer prevents the phone from communicating normally

1. Question “The phone is dangerous” A man in Florida hopes to save lives by preventing people from using their mobile phones while driving during their daily commute. Therefore, a cell phone jammer was installed behind his SUV passenger seat. The plan took effect after Humphreys took office for two years. The… Continue Reading Mobile jammers are used to solve one of the three major social problems

If all our lives can be controlled by mobile phones, that would be a good thing for us. However, after seeing the fact that the phone controls people, you will find that the beauty of the phone is not a good choice. What happens when people’s thoughts no longer belong… Continue Reading Mobile jammers are weapons for a better life

People always complain about society because they think they have been treated unfairly and many things are unpredictable. If you are taking an exam, it is easy to find that it is unfair. There are many students who work hard and achieve good results, which of course is fair. However,… Continue Reading Mobile jammers ensure the fairness of the exam

Different people have different views on stress. Some people think that stress is not a bad thing. They believe that a certain amount of stress is important for motivation and life. Others believe that stress will cause a decline in intelligence and endanger their health. They believe that relaxation is… Continue Reading WiFi jammers are good for physical and mental health

Everyone knows that stress can cause psychological deterioration, thereby endangering their health. It is said that relaxation is the key to physical and mental health. Learn to relax, learn to use 4G mobile phone signal interference, get rid of 4G mobile phones, and open up a healthy and beautiful life.… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers prevent cyberbullying