With the continuous development of technology, the mobile network has also undergone several updates. From the initial 2G mobile phone network to the current 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile phone signal networks, wireless mobile cell phone jammer have also undergone constant updates. Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used for school exams,… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers are mostly used in public places

For enterprises, mobile phone jammers are also essential. Company leaders will hold meetings of all sizes. In these meetings, turning on the mobile cell phone jammer device and forcibly banning mobile communications can make the meeting unaffected and not interrupted midway, improve the efficiency of the leadership meeting, and employees can also… Continue Reading Mobile jammers can block all frequency bands

In some cases, the person who needs to turn off or switch to the mute state needs to get the other party’s consent. If there is consensus, there is no problem. However, if this mobile cell phone jammer device is installed and mobile communication is forcibly prohibited, it can be regarded as… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammer devices forcibly ban mobile communications

Selectively shield telephone signals from highly sensitive places such as enterprises and institutions. Open some signal areas. The signal in some areas needs to be turned off. Small markets need smart phone signal jammers. This market cannot be ignored. It is necessary to perform shielding work to ensure normal operation.… Continue Reading Mobile jammers need to keep up with changes in the market

The phone will have no signal. This is because there are electromagnetic wave transmitters in the area. Its frequency is the same as that of a mobile phone. The signal it sends out will interfere with the signal of the mobile phone. Mobile cell phone jammer currently on the market work according… Continue Reading It is illegal to use cell phone jammers without permission

The most feasible method is to test various mobile phones on site. The detection should not be too one-sided: use multiple mobile phones and multi-frequency bands to test the shielding effect of mobile cell phone jammer on site. This is the most convenient, most trouble-free, and most feasible test method. Compared with… Continue Reading The shielding effect of mobile phone jammers is related to power

For the current mainstream swept-frequency mobile cell phone jammer, when interfering with medium-strength communication signals, the effective interference radius is about 6m, the total transmission power is about 15W, the antenna gain is 2-3dB, and the safety distance is about 5m. It can be seen that in this case, the health… Continue Reading Will there be harmful radiation in mobile phone jammers?

In order to help you get out of the game cage, a handheld mobile phone jammer will be the best choice. You can see its power from its name. Once you buy from our online store, you will have the right to cut off your mobile phone or WIFI signal… Continue Reading There are a lot of news about cell phone jammers on the Internet

The state believes that the production and use of mobile phone jammers are becoming more and more common, and the national party and government departments and security departments have installed and used mobile cell phone jammer in important meetings and safe places. There are more than 100 general college entrance examination questions… Continue Reading Mobile jammer used in meetings

When paying attention to the update of mobile cell phone jammer, choosing a mobile phone jammer is a prudent question. The mobile phone signal jammer is a device specially designed for entering the examination room. It adopts 7-channel design. Completely solve the transmission problem. The problem of shielding bad signals. We… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers will not affect human products