If you are tired of the interference caused by these mobile devices and think you are being tracked by an unauthorized GPS system, you need to use Jammer. A jammer is a device that blocks cell phone signals or GPS signals. This is some of our latest high-power jammer products.… Continue Reading A jammer is a device that blocks cell phone signals or GPS signals

Wireless signal shielding is common. I will introduce the relevant information of this product. There is a growing demand that is disrupting the market. You need a device to prevent fraud. Use equipment out of range for university entrance exams. In order to make the test go smoothly, the mobile… Continue Reading Telephone network jammer intentionally prevents or interferes with wireless communication

Many young people have drones. Small drones can bring endless fun to people. You may use this device to monitor the privacy of others. Violate the human rights of others. In order to prevent such illegal activities of young people, WiFi radio wave shielding is applied. As society progresses, many… Continue Reading The development of jammers has an expanding market

What is the range of the mobile phone signal jammer? We deal with various interference devices. They have different interference ranges. Here you can win products with ideal effects. You can select the range to block. There is a way to adjust your own range. Generally within 40 meters. Small… Continue Reading Adjustable mobile phone jammer can control the interference range

In my real life, I bought a cell phone signal jammer. Use normal operation. But what is the blocking range of this kind of mobile phone radio waves? If you buy this jammer, the actual range of interference with different products will be different. Customers who want to cut a… Continue Reading Jammer devices help increase production efficiency

In the past, letters were a means of communication. Today, technology is developing rapidly worldwide. From children to adults, we all use smartphones. In the past, work required several hours. Now you can easily complete it on your phone. That is the progress of the times. It can use 3g… Continue Reading Jammers can protect personal data and confidential information

Low-cost telephone interference has the characteristics of small size and light weight. Easy to carry. I am tired of taking it with me. It has a very small handheld design. Has a smaller output. Large paper jam device can reduce the blocking range. It has excellent functions and will not… Continue Reading Cell phone signal jammer interrupts noise annoyance

With the development of advanced technology, privacy has flowed out. Many people take the protection of their privacy very seriously. The development of gps technology is very rapid. With the update and development of GPS satellite navigation and positioning, our smart phones have GPS functions. However, you may be tracked.… Continue Reading GPS jammer helps hide your location

Today’s signal shielding technology is very mature. In particular, the application of small radio signal jammers is expanding. It can play a vital role in meeting your requirements. For many people, small jammers are common in our lives. At least it is not surprising. Compared with the use of special… Continue Reading Jammer equipment is used to protect the order of the test site

The mobile phone can be used as a tool for communicating with others. Due to technological advancements, the generation of networks has also increased from 2G to 3G and 4G. We have developed a 4G jammer, which can effectively block 4G signal frequencies. Unable to receive messages. The jammer is… Continue Reading Mobile jammers can help students concentrate