Retail stores, whether they are kiosks or supermarkets, have in fact been a classic field of surveillance camera applications. Theft is always carried out where the goods are available, and the record of these crimes has always been important in order to be able to convict the offender. The “manual… Continue Reading Installation monitoring also needs to prevent the use of jammers

With the improvement of technology, various mobile phones have appeared one after another, which brings great convenience to people’s daily life and also brings a lot of entertainment to our leisure time. Therefore, more and more people cannot do without phone interference. Device. Therefore, the phone can always be seen… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers to restore peace in our region

As aircraft systems increasingly rely on GPS for a navigation, GPS interference and interference are increasing exponentially. In the past three years, Spirent Communications, a company that tests navigation equipment, has recorded 150,000 different interference and interference events. Recently, mobile phone jammers are mainly concentrated on GSM, GPRS, 2G, DCS,… Continue Reading Frequency jammers can prevent and eliminate intrusions

It’s even more disturbing if you hear the word mobile. I think you know them because they are very common. When there are comments or important meetings. The product is turned on. This cell phone jammer can block cell phone signals. After installation, there is no signal in the phone.… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers can block cell phone signals

Integrate the latest mobile phone jammer to detect the wireless router of the wireless router and block the function of the wireless router, and further improve the detection of the local area network (LAN) in the new version of the wireless router to prohibit the use of the wireless router,… Continue Reading Portable jammers are currently the most popular jamming devices on the market

Usually, employees’ mobile phones and tablets go online through wireless routers. They also use the company’s network bandwidth to download content, watch videos, shop online, play games, discuss and do other things that are not related to work. On the one hand, this behavior occupies the company’s LAN IP address,… Continue Reading The military adds GPS jammers in training exercises

At present, due to the low price, small wireless routers are very convenient, and the speed of providing wireless Internet is getting faster and faster. At the same time, employees can connect to wifi through mobile phones and tablets. The wireless phenomenon is becoming more and more popular. Many employees… Continue Reading Jammers may disrupt basic communication services

When the phone jammer is active, most phones will not display network signals; when the GSM jammer is off, the phone will also be active. Mobile phones use unique frequencies for talking and listening. Most cell phone jammers block one of these two frequencies, thereby indirectly blocking these two frequencies.… Continue Reading The jammer tampered with or blocked the GPS signal

In order for the GPS jammer to work properly, it must be close enough to the signal that its team wants to jam. On the other hand, according to jammer-shop, an independent think tank dedicated to military electronics, high-power GPS drone jammers can detect targets tens of kilometers away. Interference… Continue Reading Jammers need to legally block communications

Russia’s advanced jamming technology and electronic warfare capabilities are well known. The conflict in eastern Ukraine allowed the separatists supported by Russia to benefit from Russia’s capabilities and support, and the Ukrainian armed forces gave the U.S. armed forces a unique view of Russia’s capabilities. It is unclear whether the… Continue Reading Jammers are relatively advanced technology in Russia